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Great Customer Service

I purchased a receiver that I had issues with and that had to be returned. These guys went well above and beyond good customer service and worked with me to get everything taken care of. I would gladly recommend them to anyone and would not hesitate to do business with them in the future.


My experience from the on-line site through purchase through return of product was much better than any place I have shopped. The transaction could not have been bettered at any level. Thank you so much Accessories4less for a truly fine experience. Now I wish I could purchase all of my equipment from you guy's.


Purchased a marantz Consolette, very nice piece!!!! Nice sound as always from Marantz!!! Accessories4less customer for life!!! Great price!!!


WARNING...IF YOU DON'T WANT A QUALITY PRODUCT WITH OUTSTANDING CUSTOMER SERVICE AND FAST DELIVERY, then accessories4less.com is not for uuu. I purchased a Denon 1912 avs receiver Oct. 2013 and happy to say its proformance is still excellent and I've called to talk with the tech's and they provided outstanding support....5*****

KEF HTF7003 Home Theater Sound Bar

Hi Mark I just wanted to take this time to tell you to thank you for all your assistance and to tell you that I have received some of the best customer service from your company of any on-line retailer. I have heard horror stories about customers dealing with unscrupulous or non-responsive on-line retailers, especially stores offering low prices and I have to say I was a little hesitant ordering from your company at first. However, your customer service has been top-notch. I have received all my items from you as promised and you made the return process as simple as possible on the items that I returned. Thanks Morgan Lee San Francisco, CA


You guys rock! I purchased a Yamaha Receiver (Refurbished) with a New Leaf Protection Plan for five years and it was still hundreds less than retail. The purchase process was great, you kept me in the loop with tracking updates, and it arrived in just a few days! I can't wait to integrate it into my system and hear the difference. So far, you've got my business!


I keep looking over my shoulder because I feel I may have robbed Accessories4less. No where else on any other site could I find the outstanding deal I received here. I do my homework before I purchase anything on line. When I found Accessories4less I hesitated a long time before I pulled the trigger on something that seamed too good to be true. I am now in awe that I received a brand new in the box product at a price so low that it makes me feel like I stole it. Thank You Accessories4less bookmarked your site for life.

The Best

This store is an awesome find, and a special shout out to Mark. With the death of local hi-fi shops it has left us with "digi clone" salesman at big box shops pushing sonic junk. I was in need of finding a new receiver that would put some life in my Kef speakers but there was nowhere to go for an audition and I could not find anyone who spoke audiophile. I knew about accessories 4 less but always thought they were just another online seller. When I called in and spoke to Mark my faith in mankind was restored. He understood exactly the sound issue I had versus the sound I wanted. He recommended the Cambridge 650 and WOW, instant karma at a fantastic price. I not only will return for future purchases but will refer anyone who is blown away but what they can hear in my family room.

"Couldn't be happier!"

I've spent a good 30 years as an audiophile hobbyist. There have always been plenty of reasons not to buy expensive speakers (kids, vacations, home improvements, etc.). After undergoing a ferocious case of upgraditis, I began the long quest. I can't justify spending 5 figures on a hobby, so I look for deals. Ordered a set of "Latest/greatest" with a custom finish. Quoted 4-6 weeks. After 11 weeks and 2 unanswered emails, I canceled and ordered Focal 727V's from Accessories4less.com. Had to do a bunch of research to determine that these were a last gen model, but that only the cabinet design had changed....none of the components. The dealer must have had a bunch of the old model left over, as they were discounting some 60%!!! I saved $950, and got myself into a set of floorstanders for less than a grand, that were selling for nearly 3 grand a year ago. Arrived a days and a half later (I live in FL) in perfect shape. Even without any break-in, they have tremendous dynamic range and excellent detail. The imaging isn't pinpoint (As this speaker is known for) and the soundstage, though deep, isn't all that wide.....yet. I fully expect these guys to open up after 20-30 hours. The mids are very accurate, and the highs.....OMG the clarity, without a hint of brightness. The lows are spec'd unimpressively, but the reviews all say they are underrated in this regard.....and I concur. Running them in 2 channel, they go plenty low for my tastes (jazz, vocals, classical). I'm not looking to rock them out until they're properly broken

Great buying experience!!

Ordered a pair of Cambridge Audio S70's. The price was incredible + free shipping! They arrived in 4 days and sound awesome!!!
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