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ETHEREAL EXS-A4 Silver Plated Studio Stereo RCA Audio Cable 12.9ft


ETHEREAL EXS-A4 Silver Plated Studio Stereo RCA Audio Cable 12.9ft

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Our EXS Stereo Analog Audio cables are an aesthetically pleasing multi-patented design. Premium design, materials and manufacturing ensure optimal sound quality and durability. These cables will reproduce your HiFi analog signal to the fullest and carry a lifetime warranty. So sit back and enjoy the music - it’s all there.

Professional Grade Performance
Silver Plated Copper Braid Shield combined with AL foil provides a clean signal by protecting against EM and RF interference. 24K Direct Gold Plated RCA connectors with spring contact grounds provide deep, tight bass, smooth midrange and natural treble.

Silver Solder Joints
Since silver transmits with less resistance than gold or brass, the Silver Solder in our EXS Series accommodates smooth signal transfer and minimizes signal loss.

Oxygen Free Copper Spiral Ribbon Conductors (99.999%)
Our use of 99.999% oxygen free spiral ribbon conductors minimizes oxidation, therefore reducing resistance.

24K Gold Plated Contact Connectors
An oversized, solid 24K gold-plated center pin is the contact that picks up and delivers the signal at each end. The oversized design maximizes contact area and eliminates the noise, corrosion, metal fatigue and breakage that can be associated with split-tip designs.

Highly Visible Color Bands
Color bands are located at the base of the connector, making it easier to see what's connected where without having to unplug anything.

• Double Shielded for lowest noise without compromising sound quality
• Oxygen-Free Copper (OFC) braided shield
• Aluminum (AL) Foil Shield
• Silver content solder joints
• Precision machined die cast connectors for maximum durability
• 24K Gold Plated RCA Connector with spring contact ground
• Low dielectric rated “Constant Polyethylene Dielectric” on each conductor

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Item Condition




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Extended Warranties

Extended warranties

Get extra protection for your ETHEREAL EXS-A4 Silver Plated Studio Stereo RCA Audio Cable 12.9ft with a comprehensive service plan

2 Year Total Protection Plan adds 1 year to manufacturers warranty

3 Year Total Protection Plan adds 2 years to manufacturers warranty

5 Year Total Protection Plan adds 4 years to manufacturers warranty




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