KEF KEF 5 Speaker Bundle Package Q700 Q600c and free E301 rear surrounds!

KEF KEF 5 Speaker Bundle Package Q700 Q600c and free E301 rear surrounds!

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KEF Q700 6.5" 3-Way Floorstanding Speaker White Pair

There are three full-size new Q floorstanders to choose from, each sharing the same audiophile-grade technology in the same basic configuration: a new generation Uni-Q MF/HF array paired with a long-throw bass driver of equal size, and two matching ABRs.

The difference is the size of the drivers: 130mm (5.25in.) diameter in the Q500, 165mm (6.5in.) in the intermediate Q700 and a class- beating 200mm (8in.) in the flagship of the range, the magisterial Q900.

As front speakers in a home theatre system, these effortlessly assertive performers are capable of flooding the room with an intricate and intensely physical soundstage.

As a viewer, you notice the striking clarity of the vocals and fluidly articulate midrange response. With massive bass extension heightening the drama and flawless 3-D imaging that faithfully tracks the action on screen, the illusion of being there is phenomenal.

All you have to do is decide which model is best for you, bearing in mind the size of the space and your personal listening preferences.


KEF Q600C 6.5" 3-Way Center Channel Speaker White

KEF puts vocals at the forefront with the Q600c center channel speaker. With the new Q Series Uni-Q driver array and two low distortion low frequency units, the Q600c can handle the rawest power as well as the most subtle vocals. A beautiful combination.

There's more to a home theater system than the subwoofer

As the centerpiece of your home theater speaker setup, the center channel is the crucial component when it comes to clear vocals and narrative. Let's face it, nothing is more annoying than straining to hear the plot of a movie. With KEF's Q600c center channel speaker, you won't miss a beat thanks to the large 6.5" Uni-Q array, 6.5" bass driver, and 6.5" auxiliary bass radiator. Plus, the hefty 1" aluminum tweeter has the tenacity to provide the emotional range, mood, and character of the human voice.

Comparison Specifications

  • Power handling: 15 - 150 Watts
  • Nominal impedance: 8 Ohms
  • KEF UNI-Q driver: One 6.5" aluminum Uni-Q / one 1.0" vented aluminum dome HF
  • Woofers: One 6.5" aluminum LF / one 6.5" aluminum ABR
  • Sensitivity: 87dB
  • Max. output: 110dB
  • Crossover frequency: 500Hz / 2.5kHz
  • Frequency response: 45Hz - 40kHz

Uni-Q: every seat in the room is the sweet spot

KEF's latest version of the Uni-Q array uses state-of-the-art technology (and makes it affordable). The vented tweeter design makes clarity a priority and insures a smooth transition to midrange frequencies thanks to KEF's Stiffened Dome technology. Adding the new Tangerine Waveguide to the tweeter protects the dome and improves the efficiency and sound dispersion at the highest frequencies. Matched directivity (mounting the tweeter in the center of the bass driver) improves the uniformity of the tonal balance across the listening area — improving off-axis stereo imaging. For lows and mids, the new aluminum driver cones and large aluminum voice coils deliver fast, clean response at high power levels. The Z-flex surround gets rid of the conventional half-roll and adds one that allows simple deformations at low frequencies, but resists complex deformations in the midrange. The result is clear, unsmeared sound. But, beyond all this techno-speak, the Uni-Q array does one thing and does it well — disperse sound evenly throughout the room. It's like playing duck-duck-goose where everybody's a winner.


KEF E301 4.25" 2-Way Satellite Speakers White Pair FREE!

KEF E301's are high-end home theater satellites featuring KEF's acclaimed 4.24" Uni-Q driver. The E301 was designed as a single, perfectly balanced system with the crossover, cabinet and driver all working together to create clear, defined sound.

It takes more than a great driver to create a great satellite speaker, so the E301 satellite was designed from the start as a single perfectly balanced system with the crossover, cabinet and drivers working together in harmony.

To eliminate secondary radiation and cabinet coloration, the enclosures are heavily reinforced with internal ribbing and damping technologies to ensure sonic accuracy with no unwanted resonances. The low diffraction cabinets are carefully engineered to minimise scattering, so nothing subtracts or adds to the sound being reproduced.

Enjoy the extreme pleasures of experiencing true hi-fi sound quality from your music and movies with our new E Series home theatre speaker system.



KEF Q700 6.5" 3-Way Floorstanding Speaker Black

Design Two and a half-way bass reflex
Drive units 165mm (6.5in.) aluminum Uni-Q
25mm (1in.) vented aluminum dome HF
165mm (6.5in.) aluminum LF
2 x 165mm (6.5in.) aluminum ABR
Frequency response ±3dB 36Hz - 40kHz
Crossover frequency 2.5kHz
Amplifier requirements 15 - 150W
Sensitivity (2.83V/1m) 89dB
Maximum output (SPL) 112dB
Weight 17.2kg (37.9lbs)
(H x W x D)
920 x 210 x 302 mm
(36.2 x 8.3 x 11.9 in.)
Dimensions with plinth
(H x W x D)

967 x 325 x 312 mm
(38.1 x 12.8 x 12.3 in.)


KEF Q600C 6.5" 3-Way Center Channel Speaker Black

Design Three-way bass reflex
Drive units 165mm (6.5in.) aluminium Uni-Q
25mm (1in.) vented aluminium
dome HF
165mm (6.5in.) aluminium LF
165mm (6.5in.) aluminium ABR
Frequency response ±3dB 45Hz - 40kHz
Crossover frequency 500Hz, 2.5kHz
Amplifier requirements 15 - 150W
Sensitivity (2.83V/1m) 87dB
Maximum output (SPL) 110dB
Weight 14.1kg (31.1lbs)
(H x W x D)
210 x 629 x 302 mm
(8.3 x 24.8 x 11.9 in.)


KEF E301 4.25" 2-Way Satellite Speakers Black Pair

Design Two-way bass reflex
Drive units Uni-Q driver array:
HF: 19mm (0.75in.) vented aluminium dome
MF: 115mm (4.25in.) aluminium
Frequency range (-6dB) 80Hz – 45kHz
Frequency response (±3dB) 90Hz - 33kHz
Crossover frequency 2.7kHz
Amplifier requirements 10 - 100W
Sensitivity (2.83V/ 1m) 86dB
Harmonic distortion <1% 100Hz – 40kHz
2nd & 3rd harmonics (90dB, 1m)
Maximum output (SPL)
Norminal impedance 8Ω (min. 3.4 Ω)
Internal volume 1.5Litres
Weight 2.4kg (5.3 lbs.)
(H x W x D)
(with grille and base)

260 x 136 x 159 mm (10.2 x 5.4 x 6.3 in.)


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