YAMAHA RX-V385 5.1-Ch x 70 Watts Bluetooth A/V Receiver
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YAMAHA RX-V385 5.1-Ch x 70 Watts Bluetooth A/V Receiver

YAMAHA RX-V385 5.1-Ch x 70 Watts Bluetooth A/V Receiver

Item #: YAMRXV385BL-RB
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Item Condition:
Yamaha Factory Refurbished
Manufacturers Warranty:
1 Year
Included Accessories:
Remote, Setup Microphone, AM/FM Antenna
Manufacturers Part #:
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Uncompromising Value. This 5.1-channel AV receiver brings the best technologies to your home including Dolby Vision™, 4K Ultra HD, HDR10 and Bluetooth® at an affordable price.

  • 5.1-Channel powerful surround sound
  • Bluetooth for wireless connectivity
  • HDMI® with HDCP 2.3 (4 in/1 out)
  • 4K Ultra HD support, HDR10, Dolby Vision, Hybrid Log-Gamma and BT.2020
  • YPAO™ auto-calibration technology for ideal sound

*Sold exclusively within the US only. No shipments allowed outside the US!



Full 4K

4K Ultra HD HDMI Support

Providing complete compatibility with the latest HDMI standards, this AV receiver delivers transmission of 4K video at 60 frames/second pass-through. It also supports HDR (high dynamic range) Video including Dolby Vision and Hybrid Log-Gamma which provides incredible contrast, smooth tone and rich, bright colors—giving you full, high-definition enjoyment with an exceptionally realistic and natural picture quality.

Experiences Expanded


Exclusive Yamaha CINEMA DSP technology supports playback of HD Audio (Dolby® TrueHD, DTS-HD Master Audio™, etc.), providing natural and expansive sound imaging. CINEMA DSP transforms the dynamics of the listening environment, with acoustic reproduction of famous venues such as the Bottom Line, Roxy Theater, and European cathedrals—letting you experience their ambience right in your room.

Every Room Is Different

Easy Sound Optimization with YPAO

YPAO (Yamaha Parametric room Acoustic Optimizer) analyzes the room acoustics and your system, then precisely adjusts various audio parameters to provide the best sound for your room. By placing the supplied microphone at your listening position and switching YPAO on, the system is automatically tuned for optimum performance in your home.

Built for Performance

Discrete Amp Configuration

The RX-V385 was designed with a strong focus on achieving exceptionally high-clarity sound. It employs a discrete amp configuration and a low-jitter PLL circuit, which contributes to its excellent audio performance.

Designed for Sound

Bi-Amp Connection

The RX-V385 offers the ability to bi-amp compatible front speakers (L, R), which drives the high and low ranges with independent amplifiers. In addition to providing greater power, it also prevents interference between the high and low sounds, further improving the sound of the front speakers (trade with surround speakers).

Feel Your Lows

Rich Bass Reproduction

This exclusive low-range enhancement technology delivers richer bass than you would expect from smaller sized speakers while maintaining good localization and sound balance even with compact front speakers. When a subwoofer is used, it improves the volume of the entire low range of the speaker system, not only the front speakers, but also enhancing the bass from the subwoofer. You'll enjoy video and music with sound that has exceptional power and presence.

Virtual Surround


Even when it is impossible to install surround speakers behind the listening position, you can enjoy virtual 5-channel surround sound with all of the speakers placed in the front of the room.

Roam Untethered

Bluetooth with Music Enhancer

Thanks to its built-in Bluetooth functionality, this AV receiver lets you enjoy easy wireless music playback from smartphones and other devices. If you are looking to have a more private session, you can Bluetooth out to a pair of headphones that can connect via Bluetooth also. The Compressed Music Enhancer from Yamaha is now optimized for Bluetooth audio transmissions to ensure that your music will have vivid, dynamic sound quality during wireless playback.

Configured Settings


Pressing a SCENE button powers on the AV receiver or remote selects the input source and DSP mode. You can re-set the buttons for different sources by selecting a source and DSP mode, then pressing a SCENE button for more than three seconds.

An Easy Install

Use this special app and get expert assistance with cable connections between the AV receiver and source devices. It even guides you through various other settings such as speaker connections, TV and source device connections and power amplifier assignments.

Go Green

ECO Mode

When ECO mode is turned on it can reduce power consumption by about 20 percent*, thanks to an advanced energy saving design. *Compared to power consumption when ECO mode is off (Yamaha measurement).



Number Of Channels 5
Stereo RMS Power (watts) 70
THD in Stereo 0.09%
Frequency Bandwidth (stereo) 20-20k Hz
Minimum Impedance L/R 6 ohms
Minimum Impedance Center 6 ohms
Minimum Impedance Surround 6 ohms
General Features  
Internet-ready No
Bluetooth Built-in
Apple AirPlay No
Alexa-compatible No
Google Home-compatible No
Chromecast built-in No
DTS Play-Fi No
App Remote Control No
USB port for iPod/iPhone No
FM Sensitivity Not Given
HD Radio Tuner No
On-Screen Display Thru HDMI
Auto Speaker Calibration YPAO
HDCP 2.3 for 4K Video Yes
HDR-compatible HDR10, Dolby Vision (FW), HLG (FW)
HDMI Standby Pass-through No
4K Video Upscaling Yes
HDMI to HDMI Upconversion Yes
DLNA Certified  
MHL-compatible No
Multibrand Remote Control No
Learning Remote No
LCD Remote  
Width (inches) 17-3/16
Height (inches) 5-15/16
Depth (inches) 13-1/16
Weight (pounds) 16.3
Multi-room Audio--Video  
Powered Multi-room Audio Output No
Preamp Multi-room Audio Output No
Multi-room HDMI Output No
Surround Processing  
Dolby Digital DD, TrueHD, DD+
Dolby Atmos No
DTS DTS, HD, HDMA, ES, Neo6, 96/24
Inputs & Outputs  
Phono Input No
Audio-Video Inputs 7
Audio-only Inputs 3
Component Video Inputs None
Component Video Monitor Outputs None
Optical Digital Inputs 1
Coaxial Digital Inputs 2
Optical Digital Outputs None
Coaxial Digital Outputs None
HDMI Inputs 4
HDMI Monitor Outputs 1
Subwoofer Outputs 1
Discrete Subwoofer Outputs No
Multi-Channel Analog Input No
Multi-channel Preamp Output No
Main Speaker Output Pairs 1
Main Speaker Terminals Posts
Ethernet Port N
USB Connections 1 Front
Removable Power Cord No

Item Condition

Item Condition

Yamaha Factory Refurbished

Buying a Yamaha Factory Refurbished product is a great way to get "as-new" products at a considerable savings. Every product has been thoroughly tested, repaired (if necessary), cleaned and otherwise renewed to original condition. Next it’s repackaged with all original accessories included. When you consider that a factory-renewed Yamaha product undergoes such close scrutiny for defects and workmanship, you might actually be buying something that is, in many ways, better than new. And for your piece of mind and protection, your purchase is covered by a manufacturers warranty valid at any authorized Yamaha repair center (you can look-up locations online here or call 714-522-9888)

Yamaha, like all electronics manufactures, receives products returned for various reasons. In 2011 consumers returned 17 billion dollars in electronics globally, of which less than 5% were found to be defective! Once a product has been opened it must be resold as refurbished and can’t be resold as new again. The history and reason why a product was returned is not provided to us, thus we can’t provide any additional details regarding its past. All products are processed by Yamaha certified technicians, where they are fully tested, repaired (only if necessary), and tested again to ensure the highest quality control. Each unit must pass a complete battery of test before it can be titled a "Yamaha Factory Refurbished" product.

Most units are Cosmetically in Mint Condition (graded a 9 or higher on a scale of 1-10). Very minor signs of wear (light surface scuffs or minor scratches) may be present, although most units show little or no signs of any usage. We DO NOT sell products that are cosmetically damaged (cracked displays, broken knobs, heavy scratches, or physically abused) unless noted in the description. Unfortunately, we can’t provide actual photos of each unit or pick the best one for anyone, as they are all randomly chosen from our inventory.




Extended Warranties

Extended warranties

Get extra protection for your YAMAHA RX-V385 5.1-Ch x 70 Watts Bluetooth A/V Receiver with a comprehensive service plan





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4.0 1 YAMAHA RX-V385 5.1-Ch x 70 Watts Bluetooth A/V Receiver

RX-V385 is a no frills winner

4 YAMAHA RX-V385 5.1-Ch x 70 Watts Bluetooth A/V Receiver
Reviewer: from Florida, USA
My VSX1121-K died recently (UE22 error common to Pioneer) and I wanted to pick up the Denon X3400H on sale here at AC4L but it's around $500 right now and I won't benefit from its features until I build my new room which may be 2 years, so I figured, why by the receiver I want in 2 years now? Instead, I figured, I need to get an inexpensive AVR to hold me over for a while. I cannot benefit from the features I want yet (pre-amp output on all channels, more actual wattage output, atmos, 7~11+ channels, etc). So I wanted a lower end model that is inexpensive, in the $200 range. I passed on the cheaper models because the speaker connection posts were not banana inserts and I would have gotten even the lower end model of this particular Yamaha but the shipping wasn't free so it would cost as much as this one to ship, so I got this one, free shipping and minimal tax (since the warehouse is in my state I paid some taxes). No biggie. Still $200 to my door and showed up in literally 1 day with the free shipping since the warehouse is in my state.

Why the V385? Well, I mainly targeted it for a 2 channel system or 3.1 system at the most. But, it has ok power output (plenty for stereo or 3 channel in a smaller room) and each speaker terminal has banana insert posts which is the minimum I will go for, because its fuss free and stable. I wanted a minimal AVR without needing tons of setup and lots of buttons and things to set. I even wanted one turning knob on the front because it's one less thing to have to reset later. I liked that this has one volume knob on the front and no other knobs, so less likely to have the source moved by turning a knob (I have kids). The front of the V385 is minimal, few buttons, and easy to find the basic things you need. The intended speaker I'm using with it are the Polk Monitor 70's (towers) as L/R and a CS1 as the center. I use the sub-out as an LFE to a Bic F12. It has plenty of output (rated at 70watts into 8ohms, but we know its much less than this) for my speakers to get plenty loud. My speakers are rated to be ideal at 80 watts RMS, so this AVR doesn't get there. But I'm ok with that, because few AVR can truly drive a suite of large speakers and this is in a small room and we are close to it, so this is enough power and the sub handles the heavy lifting anyways on its own. I don't care for the bluetooth or any of that. This is directly connected to my HTPC so I needed it to handle 4K (my old one couldn't do 4K and didn't handle my video card at all, so it was time to replace it). This functions perfectly with my nVidia GPU handling 4K output to my 4K TV and passes the audio & video over the HDMI cable just fine. I played with different resolutions and it reacted appropriately so everything is happy.

The room correction microphone and software is ok. Nothing great. It will do better than a total novice just pushing buttons. But it's not as good as other options, but that's expected in a budget system.

A lot of the receiver commands and prompts show up on the TV screen which is nice (even volume dB) so you can see things on the TV instead of trying to see the receiver's display. I like this, it's minimal on the AVR side of things.

So far the V385 is a no frills winner. Easy to setup. Sounds good. Drives my towers no problem. Works with my HTPC (Windows, nVidia, 4K) without any special setup. We use this for movies and games mostly. It runs fairly cool since it's not driving a ton of stuff hard. It's about 20lbs and not very large. And when it's time for me to get a more advanced AVR in the future, this will make for a nice headphone or stereo system with the Yammy natural sound and all that which I prefer.

I picked this V385 over the lower models of Denons, Yamahas and various Onkyo or Pioneers because of the minimal interface, minimal bells & whistles, all banana insert posts, pre-amp out for sub, easy to setup interface, and enough power for most speaker setups in small rooms and costs $200 shipped to my door. The other cheaper models in the $149~$169 with tax and shipping (not all ship free) end up costing near $190~200 anyways, so I went with the best model available at the $200 shipped price point available on AC4L right now. I'm sure in 2 more years different models will occupy this slot.

It arrived well packaged, looks totally new, operates as new. Always a pleasure getting a good refurb from AC4L. Highly recommended!
4 of 4 people found this review helpful. Do you? yes no  Certified buyer

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